Ask Dr. Hitesh

Are there questions you may have about dentistry , and you need to ask a professional? then,  Ask Dr. Hitesh.Dr. Hitesh will help provide easy-to-understand answers to a wide range of questions. Ask Dr. Hitesh will find everything from discussions about general oral health tips, innovations in dentistry and best solutions to any dental health problems you may be facing. The Ask Dr. Hitesh segment on Family Dental Care blog was created to help the general public, dental students, hygienists etc.


After  Ask Dr. Hitesh is question answering/ interactive segment that delivers the best dental answers from professionals – all in one place.

One of the core aim of Family Dental Care Lagos, is to impact dental education to all sections and sectors of the society paying particular attention to disseminating such knowledge to youths. By assisting them with career development decisions, emphasizing dentistry as a career option both nationally and internationally.

Here at Family Dental Care Lagos, our unique initiative is dictated by a high degree of social consciousness. We always endeavor to educate and empower, through strategic intent, we aim at getting Nigerians to smile.

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Nigerians loves smiling!