Dental Implant Procedure


The Bicon dental implant serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. It is machined from surgical-grade titanium alloy. A dentist places the implant into either the upper or lower jawbone. After a period of time, the implant integrates with the bone and becomes a secure anchor for a replacement tooth, a fixed bridge, a removable partial, or a complete denture.


Bicon Dental Implant

Bicon Dental Implant (Family Dental Care)


What advantages does Bicon dental Implant offer over traditional screw implants?

Bicon implants use a press fit system. The tapered post of the Bicon abutment locks into the implant with friction. The contact of the post against the implant wall makes a bacterially-sealed connection. Once the implant is locked into position, a conventional crown over a post or a cement-less one piece post and crown can be made – these are called Integrated Abutment Crowns (IAC) and never show metal at the gum line.

Are there any other advantages to the Bicon system?

The sloping shoulder of the implant allows bone to grow over the implant. In general, screw retained implants have a straight cylindrical neck which make them prone to bone loss – the body doesn’t like sharp angles. The sloping shoulder of Bicon implants allow bone to remain or grow, securing the implant.

In screw retained implants, the screw housing is not sealed and bacteria may build up, adding to the bone loss. Bicon dental Implant are sealed. The company has performed studies that show bacteria do not grow into their implants.

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